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Our Approach

Slingshot Consulting exists to support church leaders in glorifying God through the building up of the local body of believers. Our desire is to serve the universal church we love by actively partnering with our brothers and sisters in their efforts to reach and teach those in love and with the Truth.

Our work is exclusively Gospel-centered and deeply relationship based so we do not accept consulting agreements with entities that we can not fellowship with.

As such, we expect that any entity we enter into an agreement with are able to assent fully to The Gospel Coalition’s Confessional Statement for churches and Nine Marks of a Healthy Parachurch for other ministries.

Should you have questions about these distinctives or their meaning, we encourage you to contact us for more information.
If you’re unable to agree with these tenets, our firm will be unable to work with you but we’d be happy to refer you to secular counsel that we can recommend. Please contact us for options and a warm introduction.

Due to the relational nature of our consulting approach, we only agree to work with churches and ministries that we can effectively serve during the year. The number of churches that we can support in a given year through this relational process is extremely limited. If we are unable to work with you this year, we will be happy to reach back out when our team is available.

Our Team

We came to know the Lord under very different circumstances and from widely different faith traditions. As we worshiped together, discipled each other, and prayed together, God continued to place the question of how we might serve him on each of our hearts. We returned to this question often and answered the call as He opened doors for us to use our gifts for His glory. We are a team of believers who have committed to each other in Christian brotherhood to use the gifts God has provided us as well as our experience to honor Him through this work.

Nick Bal
Founder, President

Nick has more than 20 years of fundraising experience in various ministry and secular fields. Most recently, worked with a large university and currently works in a gospel ministry.

Cherian Koshy, CFRE
Founder, Vice President

Cherian Koshy, CFRE, has successfully helped organizations connect thousands of donors to causes they care about and raising millions of dollars from foundations, governments, businesses, and individuals in the process. He serves as the senior fundraiser for one of the nation’s premier arts organizations as well as a regular presenter at conferences and workshops on fundraising. He is a member of the advisory panel for Rogare: The Fundraising Think Tank at the University of Plymouth, a member of AFP’s US Government Relations Committee, and has been appointed by the governor to Iowa’s Commission on Volunteer Service where he helps to support statewide volunteerism. He is a board member and deacon for Soteria Des Moines: A Baptist Church. Cherian was also one of the most successful debating coaches in the United States. His students won dozens of national and international championships. He is the author of one of the most widely used debating textbooks currently used and has taught thousands of students over the last twenty years.