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Mastermind & Coaching


The Mastermind Coaching group is like having an expert Director of Fundraising on your staff for a fraction of the cost. 

We provide the strategy, the training, and the tools. You do the work on the ground. We’re hyper-focused on helping you solve your current problems and raising more money to accomplish your mission. 

We begin with a deep-dive and data analysis of your organization. It's a complete organizational audit. This helps us understand who you are and how the Lord is using your organization. It also helps you to better understand your own organization.

We’ll then design, with you, a monthly plan that gives you the fundraising plan that works within your organization towards greater Gospel impact. We’ll also help you problem-solve fundraising issues that pop up and teach you to raise more money. By increasing your fundraising capacity, you’ll be able to increase your mission impact. You’ll have a fundraising plan and materials that you are confident in. And you’ll always have a fundraising expert just a phone call away! 

If you are ready to save and raise more money, click below!

The cost

The Slingshot Mastermind begins at $1,999 per month with a twelve-month commitment (cancel anytime!). All the intensives (see below) are included for Mastermind participants each have a value of $2,499. Organizations that follow through with the coaching activities raise double the amount of money spent; an average of $50,000! 

That’s less than a full-time employee making $10 an hour!  The median salary for fundraisers was $72,500 in 2018. And even the bottom quartile of fundraisers make more than $50,000 a year. When benefits and professional development are included, those costs are even higher!

Here’s what your organization receives over the course of a year:

  • Twelve virtual meetings per year
  • Twelve months of personal, unlimited email, phone, and/or video chat support
  • File analysis, strategy session, and custom plan for your organization and an accountability partner to follow up on implementation
  • In-person workshops at your office available (travel costs extra)
  • Complete free access to our template library of appeals, newsletters, planned giving materials, budgets, etc.

How are we able to provide this much value at less than half the cost of an experienced fundraiser on staff? 

Our expert team is able to provide each client organization with individual attention. We also work with a very limited number of organizations that allow us to dedicate our time and energy to each ministry. 

Need a more affordable option? 

We also offer a convenient DIY Mastermind group that is ideal for ministries that have very small budgets. The online Mastermind group costs just $199 a month (or a one-time payment of $2,189).  You’ll have access to the following resources: 

  • 24 one-hour recorded sessions on a wide variety of topics (updated annually)
  • A workbook to create your own custom plan
  • Two virtual meetings a year (once near the beginning of your Mastermind engagement and one near the end)
  • Access to our template library of appeals, newsletters, planned giving material, budgets, etc. 
  • Add-on: file analysis, strategy session, and custom recommendations $2,999

Access to the DIY Mastermind Group is extremely limited. Click here to join the waiting list.

Will this be worth it?  

Every day, the nonprofit space changes. It costs a lot of money to keep up with all those changes. Some organizations are changing with it, some are being left behind. With donor-advised funds, changing tax laws, planned giving, major gifts, and even how annual appeals are impacted by data and changing technology, there’s a lot to keep track of these days. 

Stagnant fundraising strategy is costing your organization thousands of dollars per month. 

Can coaching help? 

We're not cheerleaders that ask you what your goals are and celebrate those wins. We are seasoned and experienced coaches who will help you chart a path to success.

Some organizations have leaders who are interested in improving their knowledge and practices. Generic professional development classes are too impersonal for them and don’t offer a Biblical perspective. Other organizations need to expand their fundraising practice to include direct response, face-to-face, planned giving, or other strategies but aren’t sure where to start. We offer specifically designed and tailored coaching to each organization to meet your particular needs. 

We can help

Many organizations choose to partner with Slingshot to ensure that they have a sound, Biblical guide when they are making strategic decisions for their organization. We’ve been honored to work with church associations, missions agencies, and other Christian nonprofit ministries in creating sustainable funding solutions.  Unlike other consultancies that don’t have a Biblical worldview, we speak your language from the same page of the same book. We also have extensive training and experience in fundraising best practices to ensure that you are getting the best advice possible. 

If you're looking to improve or diversify your organizational strategies, the Mastermind is for you. 

What You’ll Do

When you join the Slingshot Mastermind, you get access to: 

DIY Mastermind members can purchase many of the additional services for a fee. 

  • One virtual meeting per month
  • Twelve months of personal, unlimited email, phone, and/or video chat support
  • A custom plan for your organization and an accountability partner to follow up on implementation
  • Access to all of our intensives. These intensives will offer you, your team, and/or your board with a battle-tested process for raising more money.
    • Storytelling -- most organizations fail to raise as much money as they could because they don’t tell good stories. Using proven frameworks, we help you create a great offer (a compelling reason for the donor to give now) and you’ll develop a clear, concise story that is proven to raise more money immediately. 
    • Board Training -- most nonprofit boards are created haphazardly and few board members understand their roles or responsibilities. We provide workshops for board members to deep dive into understanding their role as fundraisers and how they can become more effective and impactful. Role-playing exercises help board members with overcoming their anxiety in the process. 
    • Major Gifts -- We’ll spend this intensive understanding how to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward major gift donors. We’ll create a custom plan for your organization as well as prepare you/your team with the phone/email scripts to get the meeting, practice the actual meeting conversations, and what to do after you’ve received the gift. 
    • Annual Giving -- This intensive is designed to help you create a calendar with a proven format to raise more money from your donors. You’ll receive a written plan to follow as well as what will be most effective for you in creating your appeals, segmenting your data, and stewarding your donors. 
    • Planned Giving -- We’ll take you through the importance of planned giving and an overview of the current landscape. We’ll provide you with a basic understanding of bequest gifts, CGAs, CRTs, life estates, and IRA rollover provisions, the most common types of gifts. We’ll provide you with templates for gift recognition and a planned giving toolkit for your organization. You’ll develop a plan for implementing your planned giving program within the next twelve months. 
    • Fundamentals of Fundraising -- for organizations with no fundraising background or very little professional fundraising training, this intensive is an understanding the core academic and scientific bases of fundraising practice. You’ll gain a working understanding of the key components of a successful, comprehensive fundraising program and building a culture of philanthropy in your ministry.  

As part of the Mastermind group, you’ll be responsible for making monthly progress on your implementation plan.